Australian Mahjong Festival


The Rockhampton Mahjong Club Inc hosted the Annual (26th) Australasian Mahjong Festival on Norfolk Island in August 2019. Approx. 110 people attended including 80 players. Norfolk Island is a beautiful place surrounded by azure waters, with majestic pine trees everywhere and friendly locals. It is ideal for a gathering of people, and the Island very easy to explore in a hire car or on a group tour. The group played Mahjong for four half days and then enjoyed tours such as The Island Tour, Convict Settlement Tour, Night as a Convict Tour, Progressive Dinner, Fish Fry, and the Colleen McCullough Home. The shops were popular with the ladies and their partners enjoyed local sporting activities, golf on the scenic golf course and fishing charters, with fish brought home to throw on the BBQ for lunch.

Helen Hughes (Secretary)